WM includes diagnostic services for smart cards in its portfolio

WM has established a distribution agreement with Collis, in which they agree that WM will be the only authorized for distribution of Collis' tools to their customers in Colombia.   Collis is a Dutch company, expert in environments that use smart cards, transactions and client validation using applications whose goals are to create tools to verify proper operation and diagnose easily the cause of any errors in projects involving this technology. On the other hand, WM has extensive experience with EMV solutions. We were the developers of the first EMV application for pinpads used in Colombia, with Banco AV Villas; and installed it in other banks like Helms Bank and Banco Colpatria.   With this agreement, WM expands its portfolio of products and services for the financial sector; which includes brands such as PAX and Pidion, products like dataphones and payment network equipment.