WM participation in the event (RIM - Telefonica) 2011

In the second version of RIM Event - Telefonica (Solutions for Blackberry 2011) which took place last February 15 at the Ritz Carlton in Santiago, Chile, WM Wireless & Mobile was invited to exhibit as an ally at Select, where he explained what the solution WM Forms.

The target was raised WM Wireless & Mobile to develop WM Forms, a data capture software through forms that operates as a Saas (Software as a Service) is to leave behind a series of paradigms that link the implementation of mobile applications high costs and demands of specialized resources, as well as complexity of information systems integration.

This is a multiuser system that allows multiple forms design or use already created to capture data on any mobile device, regardless of operating system of it, so it does not need to invest in new equipment. According to Juan Carlos Gordillo, general manager of the company, "as it stands Forms WM is the first solution based mobility and requires no customization cloud or training in their use because its interface is very friendly."

  • For use, the user receives a URL on your device, which, when you "click" automatically downloads and installs the application, this feature is offline, allowing:


  •     Less use of traffic
  •     Faster service
  •     Not being limited by the availability of the connectivity offered by the operator

Then the data are uploaded to the cloud and who controls the application can access and a flat file export to Excel to be loaded into the client's local server or a webservice, so that they can seamlessly integrate with other systems For example, billing.

The application cuts across different markets and is currently used in such diverse fields as couriers, market research, population censuses, sales force, and so on.

Attendees Forms Wm rated as the best and most innovative for its flexibility and dynamism. Chile is a potential market for this type of mobile solutions and WM-Wireless & Mobile in partnership with Telefónica has launched a national coverage of business opportunities.