WM Wireless & Mobile in Sala Logística

Participation of WM Wireless & Mobile at the 7th International Fair of Logistics - Sala Logística - on August 3-5 2011 at Corferias - Bogota. In the exhibition of logistics, technology, and business, the exhibition stand of WM stood out for live testing which showed the easy integration of Datamax-O'Neil printers with barcode readers and portable terminals from Honeywell. With these tests, it was demonstrated how these brands are seamlessly integrated, generating the following benefits: autonomy, interoperability, and versatility, which created a great interest among participants and attendees, generating a significant volume of new business opportunities.   The event also served as a framework for the presentation of the new Honeywell terminal - Dolphin 6000, the device for outdoor data capture, with GPRS, barcode reader, sealing grade IP54, long battery life, with the lower cost of the market. This equipment will help meet the needs of sales force automation, onsite technical service, couriers and logistics companies that require an inexpensive equipment, high durability and barcode reading with excellent performance.