WM Billing - Solution for On-Site Billing


One of the major difficulties of the utilities is the dispersion of their customers; processes such as billing typically has the following phases: meter reading, billing process and invoice delivery, in many companies the issue of the invoice usually takes more than four days, generating very high additional costs meaning late collections, and when this happens on-site billing is the ideal solution and has a ROI of less than one year.   But, automating this operation involves significant investment in resources, technology and communications. WM has created an end to end solution that allows you to forget about large amounts of money and manage a minimum monthly flow for the operation.   WM Billing is a mobile solution that operates on a handheld device and allows on site billing that complements the meter reading process in the mobile computer, with the execution of the settlement of the calculated consumption on the field and the concepts of payments affected by this consumption, adding the concepts previously settled in the management system for print and deliver the bill on the site.   Benefits:   • Reduces downtime in the billing cycle  • Reduces costs by 40%  • Improves the image of the company, by improving customer service  • Reduces claims and complaints by 80%  • Reduces errors in the reading  • Reports faults in real time  • Conducts surveys  • Minimizes paper use by 50%