WM Census - Solution for taking Census of Electrical Grids


Much of the assets of energy companies are grids whose control and management becomes increasingly complex due to their geographical distribution. Another important factor is that energy rates are an important factor that depends on the quantification of these assets on the grid. The information on the physical location of assets enables utility companies to implement plans for monitoring and maintenance as well as developing new projects, their evaluation and quick troubleshooting.   WM Census is a mobile solution that operates on a handheld device that integrates the use of maps and Global Positioning System equipment that allows the field survey, georeferencing, identification and data capture of each of the elements on the electric grid.   Integrates the newest technology (Maps, GPS, GPRS, etc.), provides access to business systems and ERPs.    • Streamlines information capture and data analysis  • Updates the census of grid elements  • Allows expediting maintenance and faults repair.  • Automatic identification of equipment marked with barcodes.