WM Contractors - Solution for Audits of Contractors


One of the strongest tendencies which have taken in the market, especially in the utilities companies is outsourcing. These contractors, like their work, should be monitored to ensure the success of this model of operation.   WM Contractors is a mobile solution that operates on a handheld device, allowing improvement and control of the quality of the operative processes executed by contractors, related to the gathering of information on the field, as well as to generate faster business reports based on real and reliable information. It integrates the newest technology (Maps, GPS, GPRS, etc.). Also allows accessing business systems and ERPs.   Benefits:    • Manages on site the activities of the contractors, allowing taking corrective action as soon as possible.  • Improves and controls the quality of operative processes executed by contractors related to the collection of information on the field.  • Quickly generates business reports based on reliable and factual information.  • Interprets forms of operators’ oversight.  • Fills out information quickly and in a dynamic way.  • Exchanges information between mobile devices and the server, to update the information that is recorded on the field.