WM Deliveries - Solution for Control of Deliveries


All companies that perform mailing or door-to-door deliveries want to be certain when, where, how and to whom were given the envelopes and packages. Having Traceability of the contracted services is no longer an added value to their customers, but a requirement.   WM Deliveries is a mobile solution that operates on any portable device to automate the process, certify, and provide online information to the Distribution Center on the status of each delivery. This solution applies to all companies that make home deliveries: postal, courier, freight, manufacturing, retail, agribusiness and food, etc.   Benefits:    • Facilitates the monitoring and control of the deliveries in real-time.  • Verifies the timely and undamaged delivery to their end customers.  • Manages the route.  • Allows access to updated customer's information.  • Takes immediate decisions when problem occurs.  • Manages information without paperwork.  • Optimizes on the field worker's time.