WM Fieldservice - Solution for Emergency Response


The utilities companies present emergencies that cannot wait, and they need end to end solutions that enable them to properly manage their workers, it is essential to know on real-time the location of their work crews, define which crew can help the next order of service in accordance with the measurement of service levels, and how much material was used during the process.   WM Fieldservice is a mobile solution that operates on any handheld device, and allows control and programming of the operations on the field of workers or technicians, and to control the used materials and elements. WM Fieldservice is integrated by a mobile component and a server that allows properly handle emergencies.    Benefits:    • Automation of maintenance processes on the field.  • Audit compliance with service levels.  • Monitoring staff on the field.  • Control of inventory in real time.  • Quickly and easily assign services.  • Web service that provides remote access.  • Certification of the operative's visit through GPS.  • Easy interface with central systems.  • Immediate availability of information captured on the field.