WM Meters - Meter Reading Solution


Meter reading is one of the first mobile applications in the market and therefore one of the most evolved; however, there are still companies which are using resources for reading that limit their work. Some of them still use paper as a means of recording the consumption of their users, creating great inconvenience to the billing process, such as re-readings and delays. Other companies use old technology and therefore their solutions are rigid and unproductive; new solutions provide next-generation features such as image capture, GPS, and surveys.   WM Meters is an end-to-end solution that operates on any mobile device and allows to perform the meter reading, obtain the information required to execute the critical review (validation of the reading to help determine if the consumption is within the acceptable range for this specific meter), capturing of coded observations or in alphanumeric characters, causes of No-Reading, and meter or installation images as proof of the situations encountered on the site. It integrates the newest technology (Maps, GPS, GPRS, etc.). Also, allows accessing business systems and ERPs. The Server component runs in a web environment and allows getting the control.   Benefits:   • Streamlines the capture and delivery of billing information. • Increases customer satisfaction and reduce complaints. • Captures images on the field. • Automatically identifies meters with barcode / OCR. • Reduces the reading-billing-collection cycle. • Improves the quality of the readings and the capture of images of the meter to verify taken readings or found anomalies; the re-readings, claims, and associate costs diminish.   • Captures images of the meter and its installation. These are essential information for a complete analysis of the case and how. • Records the condition of the meter. • Captures symbologies for meter automatic identification: 1D, 2D, OCR.