WM Sales Health Care - Solution for the sales force in Health Management Organizations

One of the most complex problems in HMOs is the long sales cycle and customer service due to consultations and permits that must be performed during the enrollment process or modification of contracts. In our country, this process has to link the consultation with government information centrals such as SIAM, Fosyga, and now the RUAF; also, with fill out various forms and at least two visits to the customer; that had become a process that last for several days. Supported by technology and communications, WM developed a sales force solution tailored to HMOs.   WM Sales Health Care is a mobile solution that operates on any portable device, for the automation of the operations of the HMO's business advisors, in the sale of Mandatory Health Plans, Complementary Medicine or Prepaid Plans. Integrates the newest technology as the applicant's document capture with handheld scanners, provides access to business systems and ERPs, although it operates off-line and connects only when is required to browse data through the Central System or Data Central.   Benefits:   • Authorizes online the viability of membership. • Automates the collection of customer information, eliminating errors in typing and document processing. • Improves the quality and flow of information between the sales process and associated systems. • Obtains a greater knowledge of customers with real time information from the state of the market • Increases productivity of your salespeople • Exerts visit control • Improves customer service • Minimizes use of paper • Eliminates downtime in the process. • Eliminates errors in billing and control processes. • Increases positive company image • Improves the level of competitiveness in the market