WM Suspend - Solutions for Suspension, Cutting and Reconnecting


In the Utilities companies, the execution of monitoring activities to users who enter in periods of delinquency is complex because the risk of suspending users who have already paid their service just hours before. Neither is offered the alternative of collecting the payment by a debit/credit card on site, which could reduce the time of provided service.   WM Suspend is a mobile solution that operates on a handheld device and can support the work of suspensions, cutting and reconnections. According to the programmed action, the mobile computer acts when you start the process on the field. It integrates the newest technology (Maps, GPS, GPRS, etc.). Also, allows accessing business systems and ERPs.   Benefits:  • Collects past due payments with debit / credit card  • Avoids suspensions to customers that have paid in recent hours  • Speeds up information capture and remote analysis  • Executes persuasive actions of suspension and cutting, according to the policies set by the company and their control  • Performs service reactivation in record time  • Prints on site the certificate of execution / visit  • Captures images of the meter and its installation  • Automatically identifies the meter