WM One Of The Firts Cloud Mobility Solutions

Almaviva S.A. is one of the most experienced logistic integrators with the largest presence in Colombia, with more than 30 distribution centers in 19 cities, including seaports, border cities and major industrial and commercial centers throughout the country.

By introducing ourdelivery control solution, WM DELIVERIES, Almaviva S.A.has taken steps to improve processes at a local and national level by incorporating WM mobile solutions into transportation and delivery processes. WM DELIVERIES is a mobile solution that operates on any mobile device to automate delivery processes, certifications, and GPS tracking, all while providing online information to the Distribution Center on the status of each delivery. Almaviva S.A. quickly found that WM solutions provide all key components to automate their operation without investing capital, since they are delivered through a Mobile Software as a Service model – one of the first Cloud Mobility solutions charged on a monthly-license basis. Almaviva S.A.: an operator with Security, Safety, Experience, Efficiency, Control and WM Deliveries.