Company History

WM Wireless & Mobile is a Colombian firm, the most successful provider of mobile computing solutions both domestically and as of throughout Latin America, born in 1990 with a group of nine (9) people and this is his story ...    1983   • WM's partners implemented the first project of mobility in Latin America with Empresa de Energía de Bogotá - Bogota Power Company.    1990   • Started as WM Computadores y Electrónica.

  • Meter Reading Project with Empresa de Energía de Bogotá.    1993   • We opened our office in Medellín.    1994   • First Sales Force Automation project with Compañía Nacional de Chocolates - National Chocolate Company    1996   • We opened our office in Cali.   1997   • Began the distribution of Ingenico products. Currently, these are the dataphones with the greater market share.   • National SFA Project with Bavaria Brewery.    1998   • Launched the new era in stamps for liquor with barcodes, "smart stamp"   • First project of collection with barcodes in Colombia    1999   • First project of on-site billing for utilities with EPSA (Pacific Energy SA), 300,000 invoices by month.    2000   • Our software "Academic Visa" got certified by Visa International; identification solution based on smart cards under Visa standard TIBC 3.0.   2001   • Project: Sales Force Automation and Direct Store Delivery with Coca-Cola's Bottling - Panamco dba Femsa.   • We began assembly of our label production plant in Cali. In the year 2007, we processed 120,000 m2 of thermal paper and self-adhesive labels.   2002   • Project: SFA and DSD with Postobón.   • First project of unidose labeling in Colombia. "Clínica el Rosario", Medellín.   • WM is the best Hand Held Products distributor in Latin America.    2003 

     • New Name - WM Wireless & Mobile..

  • Installation of radio frequency projects: Petrobras, Banacol, Colcafe, Alpopular, Visa, among others. Distributor of the Year - HHP LATAM. • Implementation of the biggest project of Active RFID.   2004   • First project of Long Range RFID in Latin America.   • The Company of the fastest growing and installation of RF.   • 4,000 users with our SFA Solution (WM Sales)   2005   • Started international expansion. We opened our office in Chile with Metrogas and Prosegur projects.   • WM Wireless & Mobile was selected as "The solution in the technological and renovation project of the Top two most important payment networks in the country. Redeban and Credibanco -Visa". Visa - Master: dataphones 23,000.   • Implementation of the largest project of Active RFID.   • Holcim Project: Modernization of the Load transportation control system using RFID.   • Codensa: first project of mobile GIS and Network Cadastre with Utilities Companies in Colombia.   2006 

     • New image WM Wireless & Mobile.

  • WM Cali acquires its own warehouse, for the manufacturing plant of self-adhesive labels.  • We continue to expand internationally to Brazil and Argentina.   • WM and Movistar agree to become strategic partners to develop the market of mobile applications with data transmission via cellular.   2007   • Design and development of solutions for mobile phones.   • Begin implementation of Quality Management System under the guidelines of the NTC ISO 9001: 2000   • We are certified by BlackBerry as Independent Software Vendor and SP + + (Software Provider + Trainer Services).    2008   • First Regional Project - Aje Group.   • Implementation of Sales Force Automation - Productos Ramo.   • Technology Innovation Project granted by Colciencias MAF.   • Comes into operation our Service Desk.   2009   • It is signed the agreement White Label Solution WM Mobile Forms with TISA - Telefónica Latam S.A., with coverage for 14 countries.   • ICONTEC gives us the ISO 9000-2001 certification, scope: Sales and support of solutions based on Mobile computing and automatic identification   • We are certified by Microsoft as "Partner Mobility Solutions".    2010  • We are certified by Microsoft as "Partner Mobility Solutions". “For your commitment to creating and delivering innovative solutions and services bases on Microsoft technologies, we proudly recognize your dedication to excellence”    • Datamax O'Neil (2010 - 2011) recognizes our work as Partner. "Valued Partner - In Recognition of WM Wireless & Mobile LTDA”.  • In the audit of follow up and upgrade to our Quality Management system, ICONTEC issued as concept "to recommend and keep in its current version - ISO 9000-2008".   • 2005 x2006: WM is awarded as the best distributor of Honeywell in Latam, by sixth consecutive year.   • 2007: First project of Sales Force Tracking with GPS on real time. Representaciones Continental. 

     • 2008: MAF is released; first multi-plaform Framework for mobile devices

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