Conozca uno de los casos más exitosos y escuche a uno de nuestro clientes comentando la manera en que disminuyó en un 40% los costos de su operación.

The problem of security in wireless networks WiFi is growing constantly, as the premises with wireless access points (Wireless Access Points) are exponentially growing.

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LMobility is no longer just an option, to become part of the basic family shopping basket, over 86% of the population in industrialized countries have a cell line and the market penetration in Lati

After a year of work, Peter, Systems Manager of the company, begin the deployment of one of the largest investment projects in its area, and under the watchful eye

WM Wireless & Mobile is the strategic partner that your company needs to turn your problems into solutions and ideas into applications.

EMV (Europay Visa MasterCard) is a standard that allows a secure, and global interoperability between IC cards and terminals that meet EMV card payment credit EMV c

WM Wireless & Mobile, through various trainings such as "Train The Trainers" by RIM, becomes the only certified company in Colombia to serve on its en

It is our ongoing commitment to ensure a high quality service to our customers and meet their technology needs, WM Wireless & mobile, has a quality policy base