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Mobility Manage Service Provider

After a year of work, Peter, Systems Manager of the company, begin the deployment of one of the largest investment projects in its area, and under the watchful eye of stockholders of the company. The project consists of a sales force application that would increase employee productivity and reduce the sales process with customers.   The time has come... Pedro relies on its suppliers ... Calls do begin ... application does not work!. Peter calls the software supplier, testing and development shows that it works perfectly, then he calls the hardware vendor which responds to the success of the project is not his problem, the device is brand new and meets all of their requirements. Peter communicates with the communications provider and in turn ensures that the problem is the application. The other option is communications! (Thinks Peter), Testing and the signal is perfect!    Where do you think is the problem? Does the company have the resources to solve this problem? What will happen to Peter?   One of the strategies proposed by the Government of mobility, is the integration of all elements of a mobile project in a single supplier because of the interdependence among them. A consulting firm mobility should be able to ensure the success of projects through full project management and ability to ensure the usability of the elements from the project approach. WM is an expert in offering its clients end to end projects and offer real solutions to its clients:  • Mobile Hardware  • Mobile Software and Server  • Hosting  • Supplies  • Fixed and Mobile Communications  • Mobile Security  • Training  • Change Management

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