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Services for Platform "BES"

WM Wireless & Mobile, through various trainings such as "Train The Trainers" by RIM, becomes the only certified company in Colombia to serve on its enterprise platform. The technical support group can perform all of the BES version migrations, hardware or connections to mail systems, and define security policies for mobile systems, meeting the most stringent SLA.   Services:    • Installation on BES Site  • Upgrade to version 5.0  • BES Managed Services  • Training for Users  • Training for Managers  • Support for Blackberry users   With the installation of BES, you get:    • Redundancy of services, with self-monitoring of the tool to ensure the functioning of the platform  • Easy management allowing you to modify or monitor the system from anywhere through a friendly web interface  • Administration of users with specific roles, which allows easy adjustment of policies and processes of your organization  • Services distributed across multiple servers for more efficient use of existing infrastructure  • Control in the consumption of users through rules in the system  • Mirror of your mobile mail application