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Optimization of Wireless Networks


The problem of security in wireless networks WiFi is growing constantly, as the premises with wireless access points (Wireless Access Points) are exponentially growing. Security protocols recommended in the IEEE 802.1x are little known and little enforced. If additional to this, you have other issues like management and administration of each of the components that make wireless networks, like those obsolete mobile devices which handle low-security protocols.

  CISCO INFRASTRUCTURE is our innovative and comprehensive service that allows companies to deploy the elements needed to optimize security and management of radio frequency networks. Our solution provides within its greatest benefits, high levels of security by protecting the network against intruders, wireless data protection (sniffers), user authentication, cryptography, includes certificates, user names, passwords, among others. CISCO INFRASTRUCTURE also protects your RF infrastructure from an improper configuration. This solution is accompanied by a group of highly qualified consultants with experience into the implementation and integration of demanding systems such as SAP, IBM, People Soft, among others.