WM Police - Solution for Mobile Payment of Traffic and Parking Citations


One of the problems of the Department of Motor Vehicles in Colombia is the low collection in the quality of traffic and parking citations, along with the current legislation that states that traffic citations will prescribe or expire after a specific period of time. Many suggest that people do not pay their traffic citations for lack of time. WM has developed a technology solution that corrects these problems.   WM Police is a mobile solution that operates on a handheld device and allows police officers imposing citations by checking the background, the driver record, current fines rates, legislation, etc. In the same way, to facilitate the collection and reduce the past due amounts, payments can be done immediately using a credit card.   Benefits:  • Reduces collection cycle of citations  • Integrates the procedures associated with the generation of traffic and parking citations  • Provides timely information to users  • Reduces resolution of conflicts associated  • Removes intermediaries  • Offers complete and timely information  • Monitors the work of traffic police  • Minimizes the use of paper  • Lowers operating costs  • Reduces past due citations  • Increases productivity of Departments of Motor Vehicles  • Improves positioning