WM Sales - Sales Force Automation


The increase in the percentage of employees who spend most of their time outside the office, especially those in charge of commercial work, has led companies to rethink how they interact and control their employees. Everyday, new technologies allow companies like WM, reinvent and create better solutions that facilitate the work of field staff and allow companies to exercise better management of their resources and human talent, in addition to the benefits that corporate mobility give to end customers.   WM Wireless & Mobile developed the first solution for mobile sales force in Latin America in the Compañía Nacional de Chocolates in 1994, during these years WM has invested and improved this application through its deployment to multiple customers in various industries.   WM Sales is a mobile solution that operates on any handheld device and supports the processes of orders, sales, and delivery; allowing you to control, record, and manage customer information instantly. With this tool, your employees can check their goals and achievements, prepare and generate reports, conduct surveys, send personalized correspondence, among others.   Integrates cellular data communications, real-time monitoring of the salesman with GPS, maps, barcode reading, and allows easy access to business systems (ERP, CRM).   Benefits:    • Integrates pre-sales, sales and after-sales.  • Automates the process of ordering, selling and delivering.  • Improves the level of competitiveness in the market  • Minimizes downtime  • Increases productivity of your salespeople  • Provides control of the visit  • Eliminates errors in billing and in control processes  • Reduces levels of past due invoices through timely and accurate billing  • Updates inventory online  • Records request, promotions, and customer-focused merchandising  • Knowledge of the market in real time.  • It is easily integrated to information systems and / or ERPs