WM Forms - Solution to generate dynamic forms


WM Forms is rather than just a mobile solution, is an on-demand business model where you can develop mobile applications that your business requires, and makes them run on any phone. This is the perfect tool for the marketing and customer service departments of those organizations that want to know permanent and variable information. Best of all, you do not have to be an expert!!! You only have to decide which information you want to capture and you are ready to make your own mobile data collection application.   WM Forms is a secured, flexible, and inexpensive off-the-shelf solution for designing, implementing and managing forms; while captures, validates and transmits data that is stored on mobile devices to the central system, facilitating its analysis.   Benefits:   • Rolling out is short.  • Avoids investment in infrastructure. The solution includes Hosting.  • Inexpensive. You just have to pay low monthly fees.  • Totally free access to new versions and updates, as soon as they are released.  • Eliminates costs of stationery and re-typing.  • Distributes wirelessly and remotely your forms and updates.  • Makes data capture easy for mobile workers, optimizing time and resources.  • Lets you know quickly and in a consolidated way the collected information.  • Lets you know at all times the location of your field workers and control their operations through GPS tracking.   Applications:    • Inventory and Stock Control   • Delivery Control  • Price Checking  • Merchandising  • Affiliations  • Security Guards Tracking  • Maintenance and Service Control  • Customer Satisfaction  • Exit Polls  • Checklists  • Surveys  • Field Inspections  • Supervising Reports  • Real State Listings  • Census

 • Sales Reports