WM Queries - Mobile Queries to information systems


Having real time information let you take the right decisions in business; your competitors will not give you a break. The possibility of having a mobile tool to perform predetermined queries in a quick and timely manner can facilitate this process.   WM Queries is a mobile solution that operates on any handheld device, and allows the user to access at any time and place of available data of interest located in the information system of the company.   Benefits:    • Acquires instantly and remotely information from a database  • Increases customer service, getting where he is  • Extends the offices scope  • Maintains an updated flow of business information  • Makes sound decisions based on real information  • Manages files paperless  • Saves on printing  • Optimizes the personnel time  • Loads information easy to carry  • Increases national coverage  • Keeps updated your company in NTIC`S  • Leads programs in your vertical market  • Expands service portfolio of the company