WM Watchman


Tracking security guards involves large investments of money due to geographical dispersion and the schedules during which the service is provided. Similarly, payroll payments which contemplate deductions for tardiness and extra payments for overtime and weekends are highly complicated if you do not have the tools to do this automatically. WM has developed a technological solution to this handicap.   WM Watchman is a mobile solution that operates on any portable device to automate the operation performed by security guards, supervisors, and area managers in a company engaged in surveillance operations. It is a modular solution from end to end, covering everything from centralized management of operations, to the application used in a low-end mobile phone, including PTT communication equipment.   Benefits:    • Controls guards and supervisors in real-time  • Certifies the visit of the supervisor  • Replaces minutes and other documents, eliminating typing errors or loss  • Speeds ​​up decision making and immediate reaction of critical events occurring on the field  • Accesses immediately to information from guards  • Minimizes and controls the downtime and people on the field  • Reduces costs associated with clocks, canes, cards and other control systems.  • Differentiates the product from the competition for the increased perception of safety