WM Couriers - Solutions for collecting and delivery of packages


The success of a courier service company is in the proper management of its field operation. This was previously limited to package management, tracking, and delivery. Thanks to technology, this process has been optimized and has generated benefits that add value to the proposal to their clients.   WM Couriers is a mobile solution that operates on any portable device, and allows supporting the collecting operations, and package delivery in scheduled routes or on demand services. Integrates the newest technology (readers, scanners, biometrics, maps, GPS, GPRS, etc.). Also allows accessing business systems and ERPs.   Benefits:    • Being in control of the whole process of reception and delivery of packages.  • Lower operating costs.  • Keeps a tight control over field operations.  • Increases knowledge about the location of packages.  • Improves customer service  • Verifies and certifies the status of packages in the process.  • Reduces the number of complaints and claims from their users.  • Eliminates the use of stationery, forms and their subsequent typing.  • Captures images.