New WM Meters Server on WEB Environment

The meter reading solution by WM, called "WM Meters", is an application that runs on a handheld device and enables critical reading, observations and capturing images from the meter or the installation as proof of the situations encountered on the site. However, this reading was not always online and nor had an interface that allows an easy integration with information systems or automate the field operation management. WM has created a server component that will allow WM Meters to provide the online information and ensure its effective management of resources, as well as the quality of services provided and the constant adaptation to the surrounding environment. Now with the new "WM Meters Server", you can manage the whole process of reading meters, making use of web technology, which facilitates true-time access to databases management and administration of Readings.   The solution "WM Meters Server" enables you to automate two operations:  • The management of scheduled reading cycles to be executed by the Utilities Company or by contractors.  • The operation of meter reading (power, gas or water supply) to record the consumption of the premises.   Benefits:    • Controls the entire cycle of reading  • Avoids any handling or alteration of recorded information  • Manages the tasks from reading areas or the assigned contractor  • Streamlines the capture and delivery of billing information  • Increases customer satisfaction  • Reduces the rate of claims  • Captures meter and installation images

 • Ensures the integrity of the server information