WM Meters on cell phones


The meter reading process has been one of the most innovative developments made ​​in the utilities sector. The latest evolution is the change in the platform that runs the meter reading application developed by WM Wireless & Mobile.   Previously, WM Meters ran exclusively on Windows Mobile, now you can implement this solution on any mobile phone and available to everyone. "WM Meters" is a mobile solution that operates on a handheld device and allows meters reading by obtaining the information required to execute "The Critical" - Reading validation to determine if the consumption is within the acceptable range for that specific meter. Captures alphanumeric or coded observations, the causes of non-reading, and meter's or installation images as proof of the situations encountered on the site. Integrates the newest technology (Maps, GPS, GPRS, etc), provides access to business systems and ERP.   Customer Benefits (Main features)  • Fast capture and delivery of billing information.  • Increases customer satisfaction and reduces claims.  • Captures images on the field.  • Automatically identifies meters with barcode / OCR  • Reduces reading-billing-collection cycle.  • Features a higher quality reading and image capture from the meter to verify previous readings or found irregularities; decreases re-readings, claims, and associated costs.  • Captures images from the meter and its installation. Information needed for a complete analysis of the case and as proof of meter status.

 • Captures symbologies for automatic identification of the meter: 1D, 2D barcodes, OCR