Avoid the vulnerability of your warehouse's wireless network with new terminals by Honeywell

Avoid the vulnerability of your warehouse's wireless network, saving on maintenance and replacement costs with the new Series of Radio Terminals by Honeywell, Dolphin 6000.   If your portable radio terminals have more than 3 years of use, is very likely to have failures to establish a secure wireless communication. It is also likely that the mechanisms for moving parts such as barcode readers or the laser scanner engine have begun to require maintenance.   Laser scanners, as well as health harmful, can only take readings in one direction, have lower productivity and readings depend largely on the condition of the label.   The new Series of Radio Terminals by Honeywell, Dolphin 6000, are equipped with the most secured communication protocols such as WPA, and also their barcode readers are based on imaging technology which allows them to read all barcode symbologies; no moving parts, which implies a lower cost of ownership than other brands using laser technology.   Currently, the integration of these technologies in one device, allows a single operator being able to do readings, manage inventory, take photographs of anomalies, capture sales ordes or invoices proforma, do surveys, capture the brand activations or actions from competitors, maintain communication with the central system, in short, a series of activities that go hand in hand with business needs all in one device.   The Honeywell's portable terminals, Dolphin ® 6100 and 6500, are lightweight and versatile which provide advanced data capture and wireless communication in real time for indoor applications in retail, light industrial environments, and supply chains. Their design allows them to operate with a single battery for 10 continuous hours, increasing efficiency and lowering costs of ownership that involves changing the battery in a turn, as well as chargers and energy costs.    Wireless Connectivity 802.11b / g    • Bluetooth ®  • Advanced security protocols protect data and ensure their integrity WEP, 802.1x, LEAP, TKIP, MD5, EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS, WPA-PSK, WPA 2.0, PEAP and CCX 4 (pending)  • Large Color Touchscreen  • Multiple keyboard options  • Certified with IP54 protection class and support multiple drops onto concrete from a height of 1.2 meters.  • 500 tumbles from 1 meter.  • Energy Management System Shift-PLUS ™ more than ten hours of continuous use  • Adaptus ® Imaging Technology 5.0  • Read linear and 2D barcodes, digital imaging and intelligent capture of signatures