Verify the identity of your users with the new ID card

In recent years, the biggest problems of impersonation and robberies in banks were due to the old cards did not have the elements that allow adequate verification of the wearer identity, what allowed impersonations in a relatively easy way.

In the old ID cards we found just the right index fingerprint and name. In the new ID cards we can find both left and right index  fingerprints symbolized by a bar code called PDF 417, the full name and all the data on the front of the document. This helps the institutions to minimize supplantation or identity theft as criminals tend to take the ID Cards and change only the data on the front, without affecting the barcode.

The new bar code that the new ID cards have,  PDF-417 is a two-dimensional symbology that can store a maximum of 1800 alphanumeric characters (ASCII) or 1100 binary codes per symbol (each rectangle shaped "point cloud" ) and to read it is necessary to use 2-D barcode readers with special software. That is to say, the conventional laser barcode readers that we all see in supermarkets can not read this barcode.

WM Wireless & Mobile, the leader in automatic identification solutions, has spent several years in the task of linking to the country the 2-D technology working hand in hand with its technological partner Honeywell, who manages its patents of Adaptus ® Imaging Technology and is setting new standards for handheld scanners, to provide financial institutions the best technology available.

In addition to its technology, thinking about durability, Xenon 1900 was built to withstand up to 50 drops onto concrete from a height of 1.8 meters. A rating of IP41 adds even more protection. With a robust design backed by a five-year warranty, the Xenon 1900 has been built to provide uninterrupted service for years.

The Honeywell Readers can not only capture in an appropriate way barcodes from the ID card, but also for formatting the data captured for display in the banking platform seamlessly.

As part of the WM's solution, has also been released a version that captures the fingerprint image from the document and compares it with the fingerprint captured in a fingerprint reader and thus verify the identity of the bearer of ID card.

WM is the Colombian representative of Honeywell Scanning and Mobility (formerly known as Hand Held Products) and has been awarded for 10 consecutive years as the best distributor of the brand in Latin America. WM was the first company to implement a billing and collection solution with barcodes in the Banking Industry in 1998 and has sold more than 50,000 barcode readers throughout its history.

Wired Xenon Readers are available for sale  with a 5 years warranty, backed by WM Wireless & Mobile in the Colombian territory .

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