WM Sales Banks - Sales Force Solution for Banking Sector

Although electronic channels have facilitated the interaction of financial institutions with their customers, they have so limited interaction and are very impersonal, which generates lows in the requests of credit products. Hence, the direct sales channels with mobile consultants who visit the customers, and provide advice on their credit applications have recently taken a bigger importance. Traditionally the attention of these business advisors is through hand-written forms, then reviewed in the so-called "credit factories", thus delaying approvals or rejections.   WM Banks is a mobile solution that operates on any handheld device and allows querying credit bureaus, simulates a credit, and captures information from people and companies (photo, signature and document scanning), allowing the approval or rejection of applications.   Customer Benefits (Key Benefits)    • Reduces management time and processes between the bank and the end user when applying for credit.  • Supports for External Commercial Force.  • Provides a pre-approved response from the person who is applying for credit online.  • Streamlines procedures for scanning documents.  • Opens new markets.  • Extends their offices through their commercial reps.  • Optimizes human and physical resources.  • Increases coverage  • Saves costs of stationery.  • Modifies or eliminates inofficious processes (filling out forms and formats by hand)  • Decreases the margin of error by not being legible forms.  • Increases the knowledge of the situation of the online market.  • Records the business visits.

 • Increases support for additional information such as images, bar codes, signatures, and so on