WM Sales Social Security - Sales Force Automation for Social Security Business


As in Health Providers, one of the most complex problems in companies providing social security services to employees (pension and severance pay) is in the long linking cycle and customer service due to the amount of queries and permits that must be made during the linking process or contract modifications. This process involves performing queries with central government databases and the information systems of the companies, additionally filling out various forms and at least completing two appointments with the customer; all of that could take several days. Supported by technology and communications, WM developed a sales force solution tailored to companies providing social security services.   WM Sales Social Security is a mobile solution that operates on any portable device, to automate the operations of the Commercial Agents in Social Security Business, in the sale of their portfolio. Integrates the newest technology (Maps, GPS, GPRS, etc.), enables calculations, updating figures and gives access to business systems and ERP; although it operates off-line and connects only when is required to consult or send information to the Central System of the company.   Benefits:  • Authorizes online membership viability  • Keeps customers database updated • Automates the collection of customer information, eliminating typing errors and document processing.  • Improves the quality and flow of information between the sales process and associated systems.  • Gets a better understanding of customers, with real-time information from the market status.  • Increases salespeople’s productivity.  • Exerts control visit.  • Improves customer service.  • Minimizes use of paper.  • Eliminates downtime during the process.  • Eliminates billing errors and control processes.  • Increases the positive image of the company.  • Improves the level of competitiveness in the market.