WM Fieldservice - Solution for Field Work


One of the greatest difficulties of the companies, who provide on site services, is getting the location of their crews in real-time, not only for controlling their resources but by the responsiveness needed by customers; especially for the level of service that requires from them, a very tight response time. Thanks to technology, WM has created a custom solution to those companies that provide services on the field.   WM fieldservice is an end-to-end solution that operates on any portable device. It allows controlling and scheduling field technicians and workers operations and manages their equipments and spare parts. Integrates the newest technology (barcode scanners, maps, GPS, GPRS, etc.) and provides access to business systems and ERP.   Benefits: • Automated field maintenance. • Audit for compliance of service levels. • Monitoring of field staff.  • Control of inventory on real time.  • Allocation of services quickly and easily.  • Web service that provides remote access.  • Verification of the appointment via GPS.  • Easy interface with central systems.  • Immediate availability of information captured on the field.