WM Wireless & Mobile has developed a solution that enables transportation companies, to implement effective control to their routes, taking into account the journey and time, through wir
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Utilities companies have a large part of their assets geographically distributed, therefore have many mobile workers.

Much of the assets of energy companies are grids whose control and management becomes increasingly complex due to their geographical distribution. Another important factor is that

Meter reading is one of the first mobile applications in the market and therefore one of the most evolved; however, there are still companies which are using resources for reading that limit t

Logistics has become an increasingly attractive approach to provide added value to customer services.

In the Utilities companies, the execution of monitoring activities to users who enter in periods of delinquency is complex because the risk of suspending users who have already paid their serv

One of the strongest tendencies which have taken in the market, especially in the utilities companies is outsourcing.

The utilities companies present emergencies that cannot wait, and they need end to end solutions that enable them to properly manage their workers, it is essential to know on real-time the loc

One of the most complex problems in HMOs is the long sales cycle and customer service due to consultations and permits that must be performed during the enrollment process or modification of

In the power sector non-technical losses in the distribution system, which are derived from the unlawful use of the electricity service, have reached high levels affecting investment in servic